Activity Cards

In today’s connected world, technology can help you communicate, connect, and create—to enhance your personal relationships and bring you new business opportunities.

Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards

Learning “the basics” of the computer can help you communicate with friends, family and business associates though e-mail, research and access information on the Internet, create resumes, flyers, invitations, budgets, business documents, presentations, and more.

Intel Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards show you how to create a useful product or complete a specific task. Download an Activity Card and learn practical technology skills while you create something relevant to your life.

As you go through these Intel® Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards, you may find that you don’t know how to complete a particular step. That’s OK...we’ll show you how with a resource called the Intel® Education Help Guide. The Help Guide provides detailed step-by-step instruction on how to do hundreds of tasks, and presents it in everyday, non-technical language that’s easy to understand. It also illustrates each step.

Access and Use the Help Guide

Intel Learn Easy Steps is a basic technology literacy education program for adult learners with little or no experience with computers. Learn about Intel Learn Easy Steps and many other free education programs and resources that Intel offers to accelerate access, promote quality learning, and advance innovation at