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Professional learning and teacher readiness are pivotal to supporting education reform and transformation. That's why Intel provides inspiration, training, tools, and ongoing support for educators worldwide.

Transforming Education Through Professional Learning

With relevant tools, resources and training, today's teachers are empowered to create modern, student-centered learning environments that engage students, integrate technology, and build 21st century skills.

The Intel Education Transformation Model outlines how the right professional learning can help teachers and education leaders support a technology-infused learning environment, apply new learning strategies, and deliver a personalized education for each student.

Discover the strategies and best practices to enable educators to transform learning and teaching.

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Case Studies and Insights

Explore real-world professional learning success stories.

Discover how Pernambuco, Brazil is using professional learning to help teachers enhance education, change classrooms, and engage with students like never before.

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See highlights from schools around the world that are redefining today’s education systems with Intel® Education.

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