Creating a Transformative Policy

Today, effective policies across the school, state, and national levels must align to encourage innovation and empower educators to use information communications technology (ICT) in ways that enhance teaching and learning.

Transforming Education Through Policy

Next-generation policies must balance flexibility and innovation with accountability and consistency, with an increasing emphasis on data privacy. This includes data collection and access, how it’s used and stored, and how to manage potential breaches.

An effective policy framework aligns with all aspects of the Intel Education Transformation Model to reflect the full scope of the educational technology initiative. With this model, you can establish a flexible framework that achieves innovation and accountability while promoting the transformative use of ICT.

Discover the strategies and best practices you need to develop and implement a flexible policy framework for your educational technology initiative.

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Case Studies

See Intel® Education Solutions and policy transformation at work.

Discover how a long-term education commitment and a coherent policy framework led Singapore to an economic powerhouse and groundbreaking student success in education.

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Through a holistic, policy-based approach to digital learning, the Republic of Panama and the regional government of Callao, Peru, are increasing equity and economic development.

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See highlights from schools around the world that are redefining today’s education systems with Intel® Education.

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Intel Initiatives and Partnerships

Learn more about how Intel® Education takes action in policy reform with strategic alliance partners.

Intel works with Cisco, Microsoft, and 60 leading scholars and progressive governments to prepare students for the modern workforce.

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Intel, UNESCO, Cisco, ISTE, and Microsoft developed the ICT competency standards for teachers.

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Intel is a Steering Board member of the World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative (GEI).

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Intel collaborates on ICT with the World Bank Institute as a part of its education strategy.

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