Platforms for Learning and Teaching

With the right information communications technology (ICT) tools in place, you can modernize learning, teaching, and assessments for the modern classroom.

Transforming Education Through ICT

Technology is a cornerstone of education transformation, providing educators with the tools to enhance teaching and learning and support student-centered learning environments. Effective eLearning environments combine mobile devices with high-quality education software, broadband Internet access, robust infrastructure, and secure cloud services to bring resources into the classroom and enable personalized learning experiences.

Discover the strategies and best practices for a successful, comprehensive ICT implementation that modernizes learning, teaching and assessment.

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Case Studies and Insights

See effective one-to-one (1:1) technology deployment and get expert insight on ICT implementation planning.

Poway Unified School District is leading ICT-focused, holistic programs that have successfully created 1:1 learning environments for its 35,000 students.

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Houston schools are harnessing the power of 1:1 to bring modern skills and personalized learning to their students.

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Get tips and insight on taking a systematic approach to choosing the technology that fits your digital curriculum and meets your students’ needs.

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