Enhance Education Experiences with Flexible Infrastructure

Adaptable, scalable infrastructure paves the way for optimal learning environments and experiences for students and teachers.

Technology is giving school leaders and educators the tools they need to transform education and create better student outcomes. Education IT has evolved from being centered on “things” and devices in the classroom to now integrating those with the power of the cloud and data center. In order to fully leverage these classroom technologies, IT decision-makers must ensure technology adoption involves the simultaneous modernization of infrastructure with devices. A robust, scalable architecture powered by Intel® technology provides the tools to bring out the full potential of classroom, campus, and administrative devices, maximizing student outcomes.

A flexible, well-designed infrastructure encompasses security, cloud, connectivity, storage, and manageability, and is the foundation of technology-rich 360° learning experiences for all students. Modern infrastructures support engaging learning environments both inside and outside the classroom. The right combination of cloud computing and on-premise servers can be customized to keep learning environments supported and safe, no matter their location or internet connectivity.

A 360° learning approach has the potential to boost campus-wide efficiencies, increase security, optimize learning experiences, and yield sustainable ROI. The path to modernization should be approached methodically and focus on different stages of technology adoption and each stage’s immediate impact, ultimately building toward a long-term vision. A flexible IT engine scales efficiently and relies on a progressive integration of solutions and services.

Transformative educational experiences have the power to transform learning, but they require the right technology in order to channel that power. A successful, forward-thinking learning environment thrives when it has the infrastructure to match the devices. At Intel, we’re deeply committed to advancement in education; we believe in technologies and partner solutions that facilitate productive, sustainable learning environments. We’ll work by your side to customize and create the right solution for your school. Our partnership means you’ll have access to the tools and resources you need to modernize your IT infrastructure. When you invest in the tools that transform schools, you’re investing in a better tomorrow for us all.

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