Research Supports the Benefits of Thinking Tools

Benefits of Thinking Tools

Research shows value of visual representation.

Intel® Education thinking tools are based on research that demonstrates the value of visual representation in constructing and retaining new information. Thinking tools use technology to allow students to convey and exchange ideas, actively construct kno...wledge, solve problems, and create nonlinguistic representations of what they have learned. During a course of study, students modify these representations to show their growth in understanding over time. This process helps teachers gauge student understanding and also helps students direct their own learning.

Intel developed the thinking tools in collaboration with leading cognitive scientists and experienced classroom teachers. This combination of theory and practice translates to benefits for teaching and learning. As the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics explains in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, students gain in understanding when they use representations to model and interpret physical, social, and mathematical phenomena. Representations allow students to communicate mathematical approaches, arguments, and understanding to themselves and to others. Representations also help students recognize connections among related concepts and apply mathematics to solving realistic problems. (NCTM, 2000)

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