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Against a disturbing backdrop of high school drop-out rates and low college participation for under-served youth, 95% of members "definitely" or "probably" believe that they will graduate from high school.1

97% of alumni said The Clubhouse was the most important source of support for setting high goals and expectations for themselves.1

I can definitely say I wouldn't be where I am now in my life if it wasn't for the amazing coordinators and mentors, as well as the wonderful members of my Clubhouse...(They) helped me through hard times of bullying, taught me new and exciting tools to use, and directed me on the right path (towards) education.

The Computer Clubhouse Network is an after-school, community-based learning program that enables youth in underserved areas to access cutting-edge technology and become self-confident, motivated learners and leaders.

Intel joined as the lead sponsor in 2000 and has invested more than $35 million in ICCN. The network has over 100 clubhouses in 20 countries, which provide over 25,000 youth access to technology.

At a Computer Clubhouse, young people work with adult mentors to:

  • Get experience with high-end professional hardware and software
  • Develop technical fluency
  • Build their skills and self-confidence

They’re open, supportive places where young creators can use their after-school time (approximately 40% of each student’s waking hours) constructively.

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Clubhouses have embraced "making"—the act of engaging in tech-inspired, do-it-yourself (DIY) innovation activities—since the term first came into popular use nearly ten years ago. In 2013, The Clubhouse Network introduced a network-wide initiative sponsored by Intel in partnership with the MIT Media Lab. "Start Making!" provided financial support and professional development to Clubhouses to foster engineering and DIY "making" activities in their local communities.

97 percent of alumni said the Computer Clubhouse was the most important source of support for setting high goals and expectations for themselves2

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The philosophy of the Computer Clubhouse program is “beyond access”—which means that a Computer Clubhouse is more than just a place with computers and internet access. The program is guided by these four principles:

  • Support hands-on design experiences
  • Help youth build on their own interests
  • Serve an emerging community of learners
  • Create an environment of respect and trust

Community organizations that are selected to host Computer Clubhouses receive assistance and resources to set up technology centers. Staff are then trained to involve youth in projects such as computer-generated art, music, video, and animation; building kinetic sculptures and robots; and developing Web pages. In this way, Clubhouse members not only learn how to be effective users of technology, they learn how to design and create it.

Students can also prepare for higher education and gain exposure to career opportunities through the Clubhouse-to-College/Clubhouse-to-Career program. Clubhouses even work with sponsors, companies, and organizations to provide mentors and internships.

I learned you can be what you want to be, not what other people want... The Clubhouse has made all of this possible.

—Shatha Al Hmoud, Computer Clubhouse alumna, Jordan

Clubhouses are fun, safe environments where young people can discover themselves creatively.

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