Cloud Computing. A Revolution in Education

Cloud computing is transforming teaching and learning, inside and outside the classroom. To help educators make sense of it all, Intel® Education has partnered with Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit, to deliver insights from technology leaders. See how your peers are harnessing cloud computing for their schools.

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See What the Cloud Can Do

Cloud computing is changing the way teachers, curriculum leads, and IT professionals work, and it’s helping deliver more engaging experiences for students. The resources below can help, whether you’re just curious about the cloud or ready to implement hybrid cloud technology to benefit your organization.

Cloud Computing in Education

This introductory e-book has all the answers to the important questions: Why does cloud matter in education? What’s the difference between public and private cloud? What can the hybrid cloud do? Find the right solutions to meet your school’s needs.

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Implementing the Hybrid Cloud

For IT professionals who want to learn about public and private cloud infrastructure and deploy the hybrid cloud for their organization, this e-book includes information on key architecture elements, security and compliance, unique technical challenges, and application design.

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Educators on Cloud Computing

For real-world benefits, challenges, and policies, to ideas around the future of the cloud, this new peer study offers valuable perspective. Which applications are district technology leaders moving to the cloud? Who makes the decisions?

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Hybrid Cloud Essentials

Get a solid foundation on the advantages of hybrid cloud, its unique capabilities, and how to get started in your organization.

Is Hybrid Cloud Right for You?

The fundamentals on which types of cloud models—public, private, or hybrid—can best meet specific education needs.

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Broker Cloud Services for Flexibility and Choice

Intel IT’s best practices for deciding on public versus private cloud models for delivery of different services.

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Cloud-Aware Apps for Optimal Performance

Apps that take full advantage of the cloud scale as needed and maintain optimal levels of performance, availability, and efficiency.

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Take a closer look at some of the hardware advances that are contributing to innovations in hybrid cloud platforms.

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