Growing Innovative Start-Ups to Advance Education

Meet the Alumni from the Intel® Education Accelerator Program and learn how their groundbreaking products will advance educational excellence.

Cohort 2

Amplifying the Power of Human Potential

Improving learning outcomes by automating personalized feedback for students and actionable analytics for teachers.

Grading Reinvented

Enabling flexible digital grading solutions through patented scanner technology utilizing a smartphone or tablet’s camera.


Creating Deep Learning Experiences

Immersed Games is building an online world where students learn as they quest and engage in creative sandbox activities.

Immersed Games

Redesigning the Way Girls Learn Engineering

Instilling girls with creative confidence and inspiring design thinking skills through fun, fast, and free video classes.


Smart Data for Education

Learnmetrics's "Education Intelligence" software acts like a GPS for a school or district's goals, operations, and outcomes.


Automatically Create Study Guides

PrepFlash automatically generates multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false quizzes and flashcards using artificial intelligence.


Toys That Teach Coding and Creativity

SAM is a smart toy that provides the tools, materials, and inspiration for kids to freely invent.

SAM Labs

The Future of Storytelling

Sutori is a storytelling platform that enables educators and students to weave any digital media into interactive, embeddable stories.


Cohort 1

Reading Technology to Increase Literacy

Enabling students (and everyone else) to read more smoothly and efficiently on-screen through innovative technology.

BeeLine Reader

On Demand Platform for Knowledge

Connecting students instantly with study experts who provide a step-by-step explanations of problems and real time help.


Custom Video Tutorials for College

Providing students with a unique library of videos covering core concepts and other topics tailored to their specific syllabus.


Wireless Sensor for Hands-on Learning

Maker of PocketLab, a labortory in your palm for exploring the world and building science experiments that bring STEM to life.

Myraid Sensors

Augmented Reality Playground

Creator of Oak, which can transform any space into an augmented reality playground by simply using your phone's camera.


Teaching Teens to Code through Video

Vidcode is an award-winning software that teaches teens computer programming through their favorite hobby: video-making.


Learn New Words as You Type

WordsU is the creator of Wonder Keyboard, a software keyboard that allows people to learn new words as they type.


Book Creator and Publishing Platform

Literacy-based learning platform for children to share self-created books with family members and trusted communities.