Growing Innovative Start-Ups to Advance Education

Meet the 2016 cohort of edtech startups and learn how their groundbreaking products will advance educational excellence.

Automated personalized feedback for students and actionable analytics for teachers believes in amplifying the power of human capital. Their software improves learning outcomes by providing automated feedback on the accuracy of learner's notes, monitoring their comprehension in real time through text analysis, and aggregating actionable analytics for instructors.


Sean Hookano-Briel, CEO of, has 10 years of experience as an instructor in secondary and higher-level education classrooms. He is a 2016 HVCA tech entrepreneur of the year recipient and is listed on the Pacific Business News 40 under 40 for Hawaii.

Daniel Nash, COO of, has seven years of experience as a mathematics teacher. He is a 2016 HVCA tech entrepreneur of the year recipient and a leader in multiple classroom development programs in Hawaii.


Reinventing grading to save teachers time and improve student achievement

FlashGrade is automating the time-consuming grading process. With their patented scanner technology combined with a smartphone or tablet’s camera, Flashgrade enables flexible digital grading solutions for educators.


Andrew Mason, CEO of FlashGrade, was formerly the CMO at NAV, a design and development agency that works with leading clients including the U.S. Chamber and Politico.

Daniel Kleinman, CTO of FlashGrade, is from a family of educators with a passion for helping teachers through technology. He was previously at SmartThings (acquired by Samsung) and Macaw (acquired by Invision).

Ricardo Leon, CPO of FlashGrade, leads product innovation through a human-centric design approach. He was an engineer for NASA and Nokia.


Immersed Games

An immersive world for deep STEM learning experiences

Immersed Games is building an online game world where students learn while they quest and engage in creative sandbox activities. These game activities are linked to Next Generation Science Standards and the in-game learning is linked to real-life learning opportunities through a web dashboard and community site.


Lindsey Tropf, CEO of Immersed Games, is an all-but-dissertation doctoral candidate in school psychology with expertise in program evaluation and statistics.

Samuel Sewall, Technical Co-founder of Immersed Games, is a programmer and drinker of copious amounts of caffeine with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Caroline Lamarque, Creative Director of Immersed Games, earned a master’s degree in English with a creative writing concentration. She is a freelance artist and stuffed animal enthusiast.

Ryan Tropf, Director of Experience of Immersed Games, earned a bachelor’s degree in management and has 10 years of sales management experience at Best Buy and Apple.




Redesigning the way girls learn engineering

KiraKira provides STEAM education through fun, fast, and free video classes made by girls for girls. Students learn engineering software in a gamified environment, and they are inspired to learn through creating their own virtual 3D models as well as physical 3D prints – all powered by KiraKira.


Suz Somersall, CEO of KiraKira, studied 3D modeling and gender at Brown/RISD. Now she shares concepts of mechanical engineering with women through a unique lens of art and design.


Smart data for education

Learnmetrics is transforming the way that school districts work with data. Their "Education Intelligence" software acts like a GPS for goals, operations, and outcomes and replaces the need for districts and schools to build their own data systems, manage from excel, or cobble together data from disparate products.


Julian Miller, CEO of Learnmetrics, is a former teacher turned technologist.

Matt Duch, CTO of Learnmetrics, is a Ph.D. candidate who has been programming since the age of 5.

Brian Dellabetta, Chief Data Scientist of Learnmetrics, earned his Ph.D. from UIUC.


Automatically create study aids from any content

PrepFlash automatically generates multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false quizzes and flashcards using artificial intelligence. Originally targeting college students, PrepFlash is now expanding into other industries with the ultimate goal of being the API for all learning.


Cy Megnin, CBO of PrepFlash, has 10-plus years’ experience as a startup founder, driving leading products to market and eventual exit.

Peter Yu, CTO of PrepFlash, has 15-plus years’ experience in technology solutions and academic research. He is highly adept at solving challenges and finding solutions.

Robin Liao, Chief Developer of PrepFlash, is a seasoned computational scientist and software engineer. She is a highly skilled full-stack developer.

Vincent Chen, Chief Designer of PrepFlash, is an award-winning app designer with expertise in UI/UX and academic research.

SAM Labs

Toys that teach coding and creativity

SAM is a smart toy. Now available in retail worldwide, SAM has the tools, materials, and inspiration for kids to freely invent. Unleash creativity through SAM Blocks, SAM Space app, and an imaginative world to explore.


Joachim Horn, CEO of SAM Labs, transformed the complicated process of creating smart devices and products forever by empowering everyone to become an instant innovator.




Create and explore interactive timelines and projects

Sutori (formerly HSTRY) is a storytelling platform that enables educators and students to weave any digital media into interactive, embeddable stories. Their platform is web-first and works on all devices. Users can collaborate together on any story they create or remix any publicly shared story.


Thomas Ketchell, CEO of Sutori, is a history and Chinese major with an M.A. in business and development. He is a TEDx speaker and entrepreneur-in-residence at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

Yoran Brondsema, CTO of Sutori, earned an M.A. in computer science. He’s a full-stack web developer with a passion for the Open Web.

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