Intel® Graphics DCH Driver for Windows®10 and Window 11* for Intel® NUC Products NUC11PA and NUC11TN



This download installs the latest confirmed working Intel® Graphics DCH Drivers for Windows® 10 and Windows 11* for Intel® NUC Products NUC11PA and NUC11TN.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 11*, Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Size: 549 MB
  • SHA1: 73CD2E7E202CA8315DC27C8C665B6CA2C8791A77

Detailed Description

This graphics driver is an older driver that can be used to mitigate customers directly affected by the Intel® NUC11PA and NUC11TN Power LED Light Still On after Shutting Down issue. This is the latest graphics driver confirmed working while a solution is investigated for the more recent graphics driver(s).

If the above issue doesn't occur the latest validated Intel®Graphics driver ( for these two NUC families is still posted and should be used.






Product and Performance Information


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