SINIT AC Modules: 3rd-gen-i5-i7-racm-sinit-67



SINIT AC Modules: 3rd-gen-i5-i7-racm-sinit-67

Available Downloads

  • Size: 7.6 KB
  • SHA1: DF5E56D549E7CCD3BC00B791F12559F1EED127C1

Detailed Description

  • Security update for July 2013 Security Advisory ID: INTEL-SA-0035 (
  •  Revocation ACM (RACM) to revoke 3rd gen and/or 2nd gen SINIT ACM version 51 or lower. 
  •  RACM should only be run on 2nd gen based platforms if using 3rd gen SINIT version 51 or lower.
  •  Revocation is permanent, make sure to have 3rd gen SINIT v67 or higher prior to running RACM.
  •  No changes in v01 - v66, aligning version number to ACM hex version number 


The license is in the package.

Product and Performance Information


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