SINIT AC Modules: 4th-gen-i5-i7-sinit-75



SINIT AC Modules: 4th-gen-i5-i7-sinit-75

Available Downloads

  • Size: 209.8 KB
  • SHA1: 5ACFAD19B1EBEE898AFA11FB4DEAF500891E2D88

Detailed Description

  •  Initial release, supports both 2 chip and ULT platforms
  •  SINIT module requires Intel 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processor with C0 or newer stepping
  •  Updated ACM version number to 0x4B
  •  Requires latest getsec64 (version 1.1.14 and above)
  •  Added support for SPI TPM


The license is in the package.

Product and Performance Information


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