Intel vPro® Module for Windows* PowerShell Release Notes



This page provides details on the content of this release of Intel vPro® Module for Windows* PowerShell*.

Detailed Description

This release includes:

Support for Intel AMT connectivity over TLS with an option to accept a self-signed certificate. Using a self-signed certificate allows the developer to initially enable a TLS connection with untrusted self-signed certificates. When moving towards productization, the developer should switch to use certificates provided by a trusted certificate authority. In absence of deployment of a trusted certificate authority, the WSMAN AMTAuthenticate()command must be used to verify that the endpoint is authentic Intel AMT Firmware.

A new PowerShell cmdlet for obtaining Intel UPID information:

  • Get-UniquePlatformIDFeatureInfo

More information about the new cmdlet can be found in the "Intel vPro-Technology Module for Windows PowerShell Installation and User Guide.pdf"

Updated versions of dlls.

For more information see the Release Notes.