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The Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) High-Level Application Programming Interface (HLAPI) provides software developers with a simple interface to the Intel® Active Management Technology features.

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  • SHA1: B8C9A998F098F96AFCDC1EAC8401FDC1A605863E

Detailed Description

This release changes all HLAPI samples to compile to .NET Framework 4.8 instead of .NET Framework 4.6.1.

This release changes the connection to Intel® AMT to use a SecureString for storing passwords in memory. All password references in the HLAPI library and samples have been modified to support this capability.

As a result:

  • All APIs that used a string to reference a password were replaced with a SecureString.
  • ConnectionInfoEX, SocksProxy, were converted from structs into disposable classes.
  • Updated Readme to note SecureString password ownership.

Changed ConnectionInfoEX usage in HLAPI Samples to be created by an external argument file with the password given when prompted by the sample.

Updated the Readme with new argument passing method.

Updated versions using SecureStrings for passwords of these dlls:

  • DotNetWSManClient.dll
  • IWSManClient.dll
  • Intel.Wsman.Scripting.dll
  • WebStorage.dll

Fixes for the following bugs:

  • Allow usage of AgentPresence without proxy.
  • Fix usage of AgentPresence with a LAN-less configuration.
  • Update event codes in AccessMonitorManager.
  • Remove OCR enablement when enabling RPE in AMT.
  • Fix fetched event logs in RPE sample.
  • Fix use of self-signed certificates.