Intel® Ethernet Adapter Drivers for MS-DOS*



This download record installs version 23.4 of the Intel® Ethernet Adapter drivers for MS-DOS*.

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  • MS-DOS family*
  • Size: 1 MB
  • SHA1: D9D66D9AE88D9B4C4B41BCB61BA03E69D373D9D4

Detailed Description


This download installs version 23.4 of the Intel® Ethernet Adapter drivers for MS-DOS*.


What's new?

See the readme notes for what's new, bug fixes, known issues installation instructions, and supported hardware.


Download details

  • The download includes NDIS drivers for MS-DOS, DOS diagnostics, and user instructions for Intel® Ethernet Adapters.
  • The DOS drivers are provided solely for the purpose of loading other operating systems—for example, during RIS or unattended installations. They are not intended as high-performance drivers.
  • You can find adapter drivers and PROTOCOL.INI files in the \PRO100\DOS or \PRO1000\DOS directory.
  • A DOS packet driver for Intel® PRO/100 Adapters is available from Crynwr Software.
  • Intel does not provide support for packet drivers.

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