Intel® Killer Performance Suite - Beta Version (3.0.1564)



This download record installs Beta Wi-Fi, Ethernet drivers and Killer Software 3.0 for the Intel® Killer™ products.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Size: 34.1 MB
  • SHA1: D8991200C4F11F4C80035EFCC0655D840885E7D8

Detailed Description


The Beta: 3.0.1546 version of Intel® Killer Performance Suite package installs the Windows® 10 Wi-Fi, Ethernet drivers and Killer Software 3.0 for the following Intel® Killer products:

    • for Intel® Killer™ 1550, AX1650, AX1675
    • for Intel® Killer™ E3100
    • 10.047.0121.2021 for Intel® Killer™ E3000, E3100G, E2500, E2600
    • 3.1021.509.1 for Killer Networking Software


Note: This Software Release version does not include new drivers for the Killer E2200, Killer E2400, Killer
E2500, Killer 1525 Wireless, Killer 1535 Wireless, Killer 1435 Wireless, or the Killer AX500 Wireless

What's new

  • Killer Intelligence Center - the new UI for Killer 3.0 releases.
  • Automatic bandwidth detection is now defaulted to enabled.
  • Separate Killer Control Center (Beta) Microsoft Store App required. Store Link

How to install

  1. Download the file to a folder on your PC.
  2. Double-click on the file to launch installation.

Alternatively, you may download and run Intel® Driver & Support Assistant to automatically detect updates.



Product and Performance Information


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