Intel® NUC Software Studio Service



Contains a file needed to make Intel® NUC Software Studio work correctly.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 11*, Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Size: 2.6 MB
  • SHA1: 6E17A92A7516BCC1BFAF46412B9B830C743F7B3A

Detailed Description

The Intel® NUC Software Studio Service is required to ensure that all Intel® NUC Software Studio features are fully functional when installed on the Intel® NUC Mini PC, Kit, or Laptop products.
Installation instructions for Intel® NUC Software Studio Service:
  1. Download and unzip the Intel NUC Software Studio
  2. Double-click the NSSServiceInstaller to install the Performance driver and Performance driver extension.
The Intel® NUC Software Studio provides a common solution by merging all the software features available in Intel® NUC, NUC Laptop, and NUC Element.
Intel® NUC Software Studio is available on the Microsoft Store.* 
For more information and installation instructions, see the attached User Guides.

Product and Performance Information


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