Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 Dynamic Device Personalization eCPRI Package



Ethernet Products (EPG) - DDP package supports eCPRI over Ethernet and IPv4/UDP protocols.

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  • SHA256: 3EDA8F08C2F51EFD9C07780C8DC5D89D00987A9046186DF0AE2B1C7E861EF0C5

Detailed Description


This package contains all the required files to update the parser on the Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 adapters in your system.  It contains the binary package file .pkg and checksum file for .pkg file.  The eCPRI profile supports eCPRI over Ethernet and IPv4/UDP protocols.

Note:  This package should only be used on Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 branded adapters with firmware version 6.01 and later.  Please contact your OEM vendor for an appropriate package.

What's new

Version implements extraction of field vector and RSS