Intel® Converged Security and Management Engine (Intel® CSME) Detection Tool for Legacy Systems



Tool for assessing vulnerability to Intel SA-00086 vulnerability on systems with Intel® 2nd Gen - 6th Gen Core processors (ME versions 6.x-10.x)

Available Downloads

  • Windows 7 family*, Windows 8.1*, Windows 10*
  • Size: 1.8 MB
  • SHA1: 05A2956EE722E7AEC7E0D45C09839C0740BC3456
  • Linux*
  • Size: 789.4 KB
  • SHA1: 25BCEA4C44C1F795C83353C16568BDA6067F430C

Detailed Description


The Intel CSME Detection Tool for Legacy systems allows local users or an IT administrator to determine whether a system running Intel® Management Engine firmware versions 6.x through 10.x is vulnerable to the exploit documented in Intel Security Advisory Intel-SA-000086. It allows you to determine the version of the Intel® Management Engine or Converged Security and Management Engine currently running on your system. 

IMPORTANT: This tool only works on systems running Intel® Management Engine 6.x-10.x (typically found on systems with an Intel 2nd-5th Gen Core processor).  Read below for more information.  If your system has a newer processor or ME version 11.x or higher, you can use the standard Intel CSME Detection Tool. For Windows* users

This download contains two versions of the tool:

    • The first version is an interactive GUI tool that discovers the hardware and software details of the device and provides a risk assessment. This version is recommended for a local evaluation of the system.
    • The second version of the tool is a console executable that saves the discovery information to the Windows* registry and/or to an XML file. This version is more convenient for IT administrators wanting to perform bulk discovery across multiple machines to find systems to target for firmware updates.


CSME_Detection_Tool_Legacy_Linux.tar.gz: For Linux* users

    • The Linux version of the tool is a command-line executable that will display a risk assessment for the system being tested.

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