Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 Adapters Dynamic Device Personalization: MPLSoGRE/MPLSoUDP



Provides the Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 Adapters Dynamic Device Personalization: MPLSoGRE/MPLSoUDP.

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 136.9 KB
  • SHA1: 11657A63FB5B6621ECBC4750C4559234CEA497D9

Detailed Description


This package contains all the required files to update the parser on the Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 adapters in your system. It contains the binary package file .pkg and checksum file for .pkg file. MPLS connects with the existing router, and the MPLS profile can inspect the tunnel header so that traffic can be directed into multiple queues, which can later be processed by multiple cores.

The MPLS Profile enables MPLSoGRE/MPLSoUDP classification for MPLS tunnels with Ethernet frames payload.

Limitations and prerequisites

This package should only be used on Intel® Ethernet Controller X710/XXV710/XL710 branded adapters starting with firmware 6.01. Please contact your OEM vendor for an appropriate package.


  • Power down your system during downloading package to an adapter.
  • Remove the NIC before the package downloading completes.
  • Interrupt the package downloading to an adapter in any other way.

Doing so may make your device unusable and will require device reset.

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