Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard



The wizard enables users to easily and quickly setup the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Available Downloads

  • Windows 10, 64-bit*
  • Size: 57.4 MB
  • SHA1: F20A387A513881DBC9B725A4B3E573BDBDC0AF1D

Detailed Description

This download installs the Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard on supported Intel® Core™ Processors.

Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard is a free software application that gets you streaming and recording in minutes by leveraging Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

  • Set up a PC for streaming in minutes.
  • Authenticate into one of the supported streaming services, then automatically configure and tune the broadcasting software within the wizard.
  • Optimize efficiency of the Intel® Core™ Processor for encoding, sound, bandwidth, and other features to determine the best streaming quality possible.

Supported streaming services:

Supported recording configuration:

The Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard v3.0.0430 has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version.

See the release notes provides installation instructions, supported hardware, and new features included in this release.

See this FAQ for additional application information.

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