Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator 2 VCA1585LMV AVC Benchmark Script Package



This test extracts the maximum number of simultaneous AVC transcodes while maintaining a minimum of 30 FPS using Intel® Media Server Studio and a web-available video sample (1.0).

Available Downloads

  • CentOS 7.4*, CentOS 7.2*, CentOS 7.3*
  • Size: 185 MB
  • SHA1: 82D28411214072DFAA18DD593B90F5E64C6D8EFD

Detailed Description


AVC Benchmark is an automated script that runs sample multiple transcode in parallel on each node to test the density (number of streams) that can be run at 30fps. It collects temp data saved as avc_benchmark_sorted_temp.txt in the logs folder, for user to analyze CPU temperature.

It provides the best benchmarking target results supported by your server configuration.

To obtain detailed installation and usage instructions, see VCA2 Product Specification and README file inside the package.


The Benchmark Script is validated only on CentOS 7.2 and above. To run this benchmark, you need to make sure the operating systems on each node has Intel® Media Server Studio installed (PV3 or PV4 version).

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