Intel-SA-00125 Detection Tool



This download record contains a tool to determine if a system is impacted by the Intel-SA-00125 security advisory. (1.0.45)

Available Downloads

  • Linux*
  • Size: 765.4 KB
  • SHA1: 60A5F9C42DCC63F756D391E36530F8DA2F36DEBD
  • Windows 7 family*, Windows 8.1*, Linux*, Windows 10*
  • Size: 2.5 MB
  • SHA1: 5E2F1A9A57F1CF3BFE58D320D8B293417D8A525A

Detailed Description


The INTEL-SA-00125 Detection Tool assists with detection of the security vulnerabilies described in INTEL-SA-00125. Read below for more information. For Windows* users

This download contains two versions of the tool:

  • The first version is an interactive GUI tool that discovers the hardware and software details of the device and provides a risk assessment. This version is recommended for a local evaluation of the system.
  • The second version of the tool is a console executable that saves the discovery information to the Windows* registry and/or to an XML file. This version is more convenient for IT administrators wanting to perform bulk discovery across multiple machines to find systems to target for Firmware updates.

SA00125_Linux.tar.gz: For Linux* users

The version of the tool is a command-line executable that will display a risk assessment for the system being tested.

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