Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA1283LVV / VCA1585LMV Kernel Patches



Patches for Linux* kernel 3.10.107 for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator 2.3 software build.

Available Downloads

  • CentOS 7.4*
  • Size: 63.4 KB
  • SHA1: 30E2231ADE33ACEE5E1EB4AE813CA3DB9F841E54

Detailed Description

This package is patched to protect against a Side Channel vulnerability.

Refer to this table to see the list of all available packages based on various software versions


This download contains patches to the stock Linux* 3.10.107 kernel to enable support for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator. Other supported Linux* kernels are available in patched form in the Kernel development kit for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator.

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MD5: a6bfaefce09556d96dd431b8c07f519b