Onboard Network Driver for Linux* for Intel® Server Boards and Systems Based on Intel® 62X Chipset



Provides onboard network driver release for Intel® Server Board S2600WF,S2600BP and S2600ST/M20MYP families.

Available Downloads

  • SUSE Linux Family*, Red Hat Linux Family*
  • Size: 704 MB
  • SHA1: AB9F84F726AD6DAEDAD9AE747475E8FC2A090BAD

Detailed Description


Onboard network driver for Linux* for Intel® Server Board S2600WF, S2600BP and S2600ST/M20MYP Family.

Supported operating systems

  • RHEL 7.9, 8.4
  • SLES 12 SP5, 15 SP3

For OS compatibility, also refer to the list of supported OS for the Intel Server board.


Refer first to the readme.txt file for detailed information of installation instructions of the driver.