Intel® Ethernet Drivers for iWARP (PF, VF, and User-Space Library) Under Linux*



Intel iWARP drivers (PF, VF & user-space library) for PCIe* 40 Gigabit Ethernet Connection under Linux*. (1.8.18)

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  • SHA256: E38EB093E4722607CA21590787299AFABB7F1FFB7116D78DF9910810E1317096

Detailed Description


Intel® Ethernet drivers for iWARP (PF, VF & user-space library) under Linux*.

The i40iw driver supports devices based on the following controllers and connections:  

  • Intel® Ethernet Connection X722

What's new?

See the release notes and readme for installation instructions, how to identify your adapter, command line parameters, additional features, and known issues.