Intel® Joule™ Module - OS Download Links



This download record contains links to the Intel® Joule™ Module Operating System (OS) files.

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 700 B
  • SHA1: 66A06527BF631FD3678DC0B01B1828314B70DF3D

Detailed Description


Intel has discontinued Intel® Galileo development boards, Intel® Edison compute module and developer kits, and Intel® Joule™ compute module and developer kits. There are no further software releases planned for the Intel Galileo, Intel Edison, or Intel Joule platforms.

As of September 15, 2017, Intel archived its online resources and will maintain availability to Intel GalileoIntel Edison, and Intel Joule forum communities until June 15, 2020. Files licensed under open-source licenses will continue to be generally available in binary and source code on GitHub*.



This text file contains links to the Operating System (OS) files (source and compiled binary image) for the Intel® Joule™ Compute Module.


Support and downloads


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