Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator Build Scripts Package



This download record contains the build scripts for CentOS* 7.4 and Ubuntu* 16.04.3 for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator VCA1283LVV / VCA1585LMV (2.2.29).

Available Downloads

  • CentOS 7.4*, Ubuntu 16.04*
  • Size: 84.7 KB
  • SHA1: AEFF37506E79E3D5B1C6F595DA1CBD7E20A616E4

Detailed Description

This package is patched against Side Channel vulnerability.

Refer to this table to see the list of all available packages based on various software versions.


This download contains shell scripts and configuration files for the Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator (Intel® VCA) card for building the Intel VCA software and for creating custom bootable VCA images. Creating custom software by the user is not necessary—the remaining Intel VCA downloads provide supported Intel VCA software and sample VCA boot images of the so-called production or reference type, both of which can be used in production. To obtain detailed installation instructions, download the Software Guide.


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MD5: c9be614d8b4b093cc284a24108611578