Intel® vPro™ Technology Module for Windows PowerShell*



This document covers the requirements, installation, and usage of the Windows PowerShell* module 3.2.6 for Intel® vPro™ Technology.

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Detailed Description

Note:  This download has been temporarily removed from this site. 

The  Intel® vPro™ Technology Module for Windows PowerShell* is contained in the Intel® Active Management Technology SDK.  Please download the SDK to obtain the PowerShell module.

We will have an updated download for available as soon as possible.


Upgrading the Intel® vPro™ technology PowerShell module.

Note: All previous versions of the Intel vPro technology PowerShell module must be removed before installing the 3.2.6 module.


Related documentation and software

The download package, module installer, and supporting files referred to in this document can be found here.

Visit Microsoft Windows Management Framework*, which includes Windows PowerShell.

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