Near Field Communication (NFC) GPIO Driver for Windows® 10 for Intel® NUC



Installs version of the Near Field Communication (NFC) GPIO driver for the Intel® NUC using Windows® 10, 64-bit.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 10, 64-bit*, Windows 10, 32-bit*
  • Size: 19.1 MB
  • SHA1: 163080E10875B7443F70B46BE6B0358945EFEB75

Detailed Description


This download record provides the Near Field Communication (NFC) GPIO driver for the NFC controller on the Intel® NUC.


  • If you don't plan to enable NFC in BIOS, you do not need to install this driver.
  • If you plan to install an NFC module on the Intel NUC, you'll need to install both this driver and the driver from the third-party manufacturer of the NFC module you use.
  • This will be the last driver for NFC. The NFC header has been removed from all Intel NUC Kits beginning in June 2016. See the revision history in the Technical Product Specification for all specification changes.