Intel Unite® Client for Mac OSX*



Provides download for Intel Unite® client version 4.2.12 for Mac OS*.

Available Downloads

  • macOS*
  • Size: 20.7 MB
  • SHA1: A1FE2012AD2EECCF7CD89869B674F82788D48F66

Detailed Description


This download is the Intel Unite® solution for Mac*, version 4.2.12. This release includes general bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • This software requires that you have an existing Intel Unite® app server or hub installed. You can find more information.
  • This software requires Mac OS* 10.13 or later.

Which file should you download?

  • Intel Unite 4.2.12.dmg: Use this version in Intel Unite® enterprise client installations. Enterprise installations include an Intel Unite app server and at least one Intel Unite app hub.

Product and Performance Information


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