Intel® Network Adapter Driver for PCIe* 40 Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections under Linux*



This download record includes the i40e Linux* base driver version for the 710 series devices.

Available Downloads

  • Linux*
  • Size: 547.9 KB
  • SHA1: 57D51004AA92131336BF4EBBAD8AED2517197B79

Detailed Description


The driver in this release is compatible with the 710 series devices for controller-based Intel® Ethernet Network Connections.

What's new?

  • Fix ingress/egress mirroring issues
  • Fix VF spawning on servers with ncpu >= 192
  • Fix recofery mode detection
  • Fix ethtool to report SW and FW versions in recovery mode
  • Fix reset in recovery mode
  • Fix updating OROM when a NIC is in recovery mode
  • Fix FEC mode flag after reset
  • Fix mirroring seid mixup
  • Fix FWLLDP status reading on driver loading
  • Fix crash caused by stress setting of VF MAC addresses
  • Fix HW_PERF build when HAVE_XDP_SUPPORT is defined
  • Removed VF RDMA code from PF driver
  • Add support for RHEL8.1
  • Add reading EEE LPI statistics for X710-T*L cards ethtool --show-eee
  • Add registration RDMA client devices to the virtual platform bus
  • Add log when PF is entering and leaving Allmulti mode
  • Add log missed "Negotiated" string in i40e_print_link_message()
  • And some minor compilation issues fixes

See the release notes for installation instructions, how to identify your adapter, command line parameters, additional features, and known issues.