S2600JF / S2600WP Platform Confidence Test for UEFI



PCT utility for S2600JF, S2600WP, H2000JF, and H2000WP Families

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent
  • Size: 2.7 MB
  • SHA1: F3DAD8B0B3B4167F76FEB2ECD429000E5AC4F207

Detailed Description

Review Readme.txt file for complete instructions and requirements.

1. Unzip efi_pctx64_104.zip to root of USB Flash Drive. 
2. Insert USB Flash drive and boot the system.
3. BIOS Settings required for PCT, Press <F2> to enter Setup.
4. Upon entering BIOS press <F9> to load defaults.
5. Change the boot order so EFI Shell is the primary (#1) boot device.
6. Press <F10> to save BIOS setup settings and reboot to EFI.
7. Test should start automatically.
8. Pressing <F10> during tests will cause test to terminate.

It is recommended that after the comprehensive or comprehensive looping test you do a full AC power cycle (remove power from the system) before retesting. The reason for this is to ensure that all controllers are reset and in an expected mode.

The network test requires that the server not be plugged into any network. You can connect any network port to another port in the same system with a cross-over cable to test the NIC ports.

Product and Performance Information


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