Intel® vPro™ Use Case Reference Design - Enhanced Remote Repair with Drive Sharing



Allow help desk staff to quickly access and repair NTFS partitions on a remote basis, even if the operating system is corrupted.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 7 family*, Windows Vista family*, Windows XP family*
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Detailed Description

Intel® vPro™ technology gives the Information Technology (IT) professional the capability to remotely boot a managed client with Intel vPro technology to a remote ISO image file. The procedure described in this document boots a small Linux* OS on the remote managed client and then shares the entire contents of the client's hard drive on the local network. The client's shared hard drive can easily be accessed using a management console to map a network drive to the client's shared hard drive. This allows the IT professional to access files not usually shared when the OS is active or to gain access to the client's file system in the event that the client's OS is corrupted.

Demo video: