Linux* Driver for Intel® RAID Module RMSP3AD160F, RMSP3CD080F, RMSP3HD080E and Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3TD160F, RSP3MD088F, RSP3DD080F, RSP3WD080E



Supports Intel® RAID Controllers. (07.705.04.00)

Available Downloads

  • Ubuntu Family*, CentOS Linux Family*, SUSE Linux Family*, Red Hat Linux Family*
  • Size: 28.2 MB
  • SHA1: E9101E4D57BC2398040DA07A3E43C2CC54729FC1

Detailed Description

This download supports the following Intel® RAID Controllers:
RMSP3AD160F, RMSP3CD080F, RMSP3HD080E, RSP3WD080E, RSP3TD160F, RSP3DD080F, RSP3MD088F, RSP3LD060/AHWBPBGB24R, RMS3AC160, RMS3CC080, RMS3CC040, RMS3HC080, RS3YC (S2600CW onboard), RS3LC, RS3SC008, RS3MC044, RS3DC080, RS3DC040, RS3WC080, RCS25ZB040, RCS25ZB040LX, RMS25PB080, RMS25PB040, RMT3PB080, RMS25CB080, RMS25CB040, RMT3CB080, RMS25CB080N, RMS25PB080N, RS25AB080, RS25SB008, RS25DB080, RS25NB008, RT3WB080.

Product and Performance Information


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