S5000 Based Server AHCI SATA Storage Driver for Windows*



Installs the AHCI (Advance Host Controller Interface) SATA (Serial ATA) Storage Driver for Windows*.

Available Downloads

  • Windows Server 2008 family*, Windows Vista family*, Windows Server 2003 family*
  • Size: 439.9 KB
  • SHA1: 7B21F844148AE73F651751AF8BF9208E46D92392

Detailed Description

This driver would enable the use of all 6 SATA ports on the server board.

This driver contains two driver packages, one for the x86 version of Microsoft Windows* (\32-bit directory when extracted), the other is for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows (\64-bit directory)

The readme files are located in the respective directory when extracted. Please use the version that is appropriate for your operating system.

This is not the SATA RAID driver.

The Software may contain open source software. The associated open source licenses are included with the driver package

Product and Performance Information


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