Intel Agilex® 7 Device Security User Guide

ID 683823
Date 7/07/2023
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5.6.3. SDM Cryptographic Primitive Services

You send the commands through the SDM mailbox to initiate SDM cryptographic primitive service operations. Some cryptographic primitive services require that more data be transferred to and from the SDM than the mailbox interface can accept. In these cases, the command of the format changes to provide pointers to data in memory. Additionally, you must change the instantiation of the Mailbox Client Intel FPGA IP to use SDM cryptographic primitive services from the FPGA fabric logic. You must additionally set the Enable Crypto Service parameter to 1 and connect the newly exposed AXI initiator interface to a memory in your design.

Figure 21. Enabling SDM Cryptographic Services in the Mailbox Client Intel® FPGA IP

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