Intel Agilex® 7 Device Security User Guide

ID 683823
Date 7/07/2023
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6.3. Adding a Signing Key to the Quartus Project Error


...File contains root key information...


After adding a signing key .qky file to the Quartus project, you need to re-assemble the .sof file. When you add this regenerated .sof file to the selected device by using Quartus Programmer, the following error message indicates that the file contains root key information:

Failed to add <file-path-name> to Programmer. The file contains root key information (.qky). However, Programmer does not support bitstream signing feature. You can use Programming File Generator to convert the file to the signed Raw Binary file (.rbf) for configuration.


Use the Quartus Programming file generator to convert the file into a signed Raw Binary File .rbf for configuration.

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