Arria 10 FPLL IP Core Release Notes

ID 683784
Date 10/31/2016

1.3. Arria 10 FPLL IP Core Revision History v15.0 Revision History

Table 3.  v15.0 May 2015
Description Impact

Changed the following GUI warning: Warning (10858): Verilog HDL warning at object pll_extfb_wire used but never assigned.

This compile warning resulted from a dangling net left behind when the CGB master was not generated (enabled). Tied off the pll_extfb_wire signal when the CGB master is not generated to drive it.


Added an Advanced Parameters tab that displays the following values:

  • C counters (0 to 3)
  • L, M and N counters
  • K fractional division
  • VCO frequency
Truncated the return vco frequency (MHz) to six digits after the decimal point. -

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