Intel Agilex® 7 JTAG Boundary-Scan Testing User Guide

ID 683748
Date 12/04/2023
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4. Intel Agilex® 7 I/O Voltage for JTAG Operation

The Intel Agilex® 7 device operating in IEEE Std. 1149.1 and IEEE Std. 1149.6 modes uses four required JTAG pins—TDI, TDO, TMS, and TCK.

The TCK pin has an internal weak pull-down resistor, while the TDI and TMS pins have internal weak pull-up resistors. The VCCIO_SDM supply powers the TDI, TDO, TMS, and TCK pins.

The JTAG pins support 1.8 V LVCMOS I/O standard.

Note: For any voltages higher than 1.8 V, use a level shifter. Set the output voltage of the JTAG pins level shifter the same as the VCCIO_SDM supply.
Table 7.  TDO Output Buffer
TDO Output Buffer Condition Voltage (V)