CPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683595
Date 4/04/2022

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5.2. L1_STATUS Register

Table 56.  L1_STATUS Register at Offset 0x04
Bits Field Name Type Value on Reset Description
31:13 Reserved UR0 19'b0
12 rx_rfp_hold RC 1'b0 Radio frame pulse received. This bit is asserted every 10 ms and remains asserted until cleared by user logic. 6
11 rx_freq_alarm_hold RC 1'b0 CPRI receive clock is not synchronous with main IP core clock (cpri_clkout). This alarm is asserted each time mismatches are found between the recovered CPRI receive clock and cpri_clkout, and remains asserted until cleared by user logic. 6

If you turn on Enable L1 debug interfaces in the CPRI parameter editor, the original asynchronous pulse that sets this register field is visible on the rx_freq_alarm output signal. However, that signal is not available if you turn off Enable L1 debug interfaces.

10 rx_los_hold RC 1'b0 Hold rx_los. 6
9 rx_err_hold RC 1'b0 Hold rx_err. 6
8 rx_hfnsync_hold RC 1'b0 Hold rx_hfnsync. 6
7:3 Reserved UR0 5'b0
2 rx_los RC 1'b1 Indicates receiver is in LOS state.
1 rx_err RC 1'b0 Indicates 8B10B LCV or 64B/66aB sync header violations detected.
0 rx_hfnsync RC 1'b0 Indicates receiver has achieved hyperframe synchronization state (HFNSYNC).
6 This register field is a read-to-clear field. You must read the register twice to read the true value of the field after frame synchronization is achieved. If you observe this bit asserted during link initialization, read the register again after link initialization to confirm any errors.

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