Nios® V Processor Quick Start Guide

ID 683590
Date 10/04/2021
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1. About this Document

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 21.3
IP Version 21.1.0
This document provides an introduction to the Nios® V/m processor and the provided example design. The quick start guide provides the following information:
  • Introduces you to the basic design flow for the Nios® V/m processor.
  • Provides instructions on how to generate a Nios® V/m example design, create a software program, and run the program on an Intel® FPGA IP device.

The Nios® V/m processor is a soft intellectual property (IP) processor based on the RISC-V specification. You can compile and download a Nios® V/m processor system (along with other hardware components) onto an Intel® FPGA IP device.