Intel FPGA Software Installation and Licensing Quick Start

ID 683533
Date 11/26/2018

1.1. Step 1: Download Intel® FPGA Software

Follow these steps to download Intel® FPGA software:
  1. Navigate to the Intel® FPGA development tools web page at:
  2. Click the Download button for the tool you want to install. Additional Intel® FPGA software tools are listed at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the Download Center for FPGA's web page, specify options for the tool version, edition, and operating system.
  4. For Download Method, select the Akamai DLM3 Download Manager. The download manager controls the download of the files you select, and allows you to pause and restart the download at any time. Linux does not support this option.
  5. Click the Combined Files tab.
  6. Select the files to download. You can download the complete set of software and device files in a single .tar file, or download individual .tar files for specific software and device support. Consider download speed, design requirements, and method of installation when determining download method.
  7. Complete download of all files before starting installation.

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