Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Power Analysis and Optimization

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Date 12/07/2020
Document Table of Contents

1.1. Power Analysis Tools

The Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite provides tools to analyze the power consumption of your FPGA design at different stages of the design process.

  • Early Power Estimator (EPE) spreadsheet—estimates power consumption for power supply planning before compiling the design.
  • Intel® Quartus® Prime Power Analyzer—estimates power consumption for a post-fit design, allowing you establish guidelines for the power budget.
Figure 1. Estimation Accuracy for Different Inputs and Power Analysis Tools

Table 1.  Comparison of EPE and Intel® Quartus® Prime Power Analyzer Capabilities
Characteristic EPE Intel® Quartus® Prime Power Analyzer
When to use Any time
Note: For post-fit power analysis, you get better results with the Intel® Quartus® Prime Power Analyzer.
Software requirements Spreadsheet program The Intel® Quartus® Prime software
Accuracy Medium Medium to very high
Data inputs
  • Resource usage estimates
  • Clock requirements
  • Environmental conditions
  • Toggle rate
  • Post-fit design
  • Clock requirements
  • Signal activity defaults
  • Environmental conditions
  • Register transfer level (RTL) simulation results (optional)
  • Post-fit simulation results (optional)
  • Signal activities per node or entity (optional)
Data outputs
Note: The EPE and Power Analyzer outputs vary by device family.
  • Total thermal power dissipation
  • Thermal static power
  • Thermal dynamic power
  • Off-chip power dissipation
  • Current drawn from voltage supplies
  • Total thermal power
  • Thermal static power
  • Thermal dynamic power
  • Thermal I/O power
  • Thermal power by design hierarchy
  • Thermal power by block type
  • Thermal power dissipation by clock domain
  • Off-chip (non-thermal) power dissipation
  • Device supply currents
Estimation of transceiver power for dynamic reconfiguration features Includes an estimation of the incremental power consumption by these features. Not included
Note: The Intel® Quartus® Prime Power Analyzer does not support the Intel® Arria® 10 HPS IP. You can obtain a power estimation for this Intel® FPGA IP with the EPE spreadsheet.

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