40- and 100-Gbps Ethernet MAC and PHY IP Core Release Notes

ID 683484
Date 6/15/2022

1.4. 40- and 100-Gbps Ethernet MAC and PHY IP Core v13.1

Table 4.  Version 13.1 November 2013
Description Impact Notes
Added 40GBASE-KR4 option with FEC and with auto-negotiation and link training mode options.
Added Synchronous Ethernet clock support option in Stratix V devices. The option separates the TX PLL and RX CDR input reference clocks (tx_ref_clk and rx_ref_clk signals replace ref_clk for these variations) and exposes the RX recovered clock.
Exposed link fault signals remote_fault_status and local_fault_status in duplex variations.
Exposed PHY status signals tx_lanes_stable and lanes_deskewed in MAC&PHY variations.
Updated and simplified the example design and testbench. The testbench stimulus is simpler and the user no longer needs to configure the DUT with a specific name and clock rate.

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