AN 669: Drive-On-Chip Design Example for Cyclone V Devices

ID 683466
Date 5/15/2022
Document Table of Contents

Setting Up the Nios II BSP

The Nios II board support package (BSP) setup requires two tightly-coupled memory blocks: TCM_Data_Memory and TCM_Instruction_Memory.

If you make any changes to the default BSP:

  • Map .exceptions to TCM_Instruction_Memory (configured in Nios II parameters in System Console)
  • Map exceptions_stack_memory_region_name to TCM_Data_Memory - size = 1,024
  • Map interrupt_stack_memory_region_name to TCM_Data_Memory - size = 1,024
  • Add section .fast_math and map to TCM_Instruction_Memory
  • Add section .table_data and map to TCM_Data_Memory
  • Add section .drive_data and map to TCM_Data_Memory