AN 669: Drive-On-Chip Design Example for Cyclone V Devices

ID 683466
Date 5/15/2022
Document Table of Contents

Downloading the DS-5 HPS Software to the Device

Import and compile the HPS software in DS-5. You must have a DS-5 debugger license to download HPS software.
  1. Select Run > Debug Configurations.
  2. Create new DS-5 debugger configuration:
    1. Right click on the DS-5 Debugger launch type
    2. Select New.
  3. On the Connection tab, select Debug Cortex-A9_0 under Cyclone V SoC (Dual Core)|Bare Metal Debug.
  4. In the Target Connection drop-down select USB-Blaster.
  5. In the Bare Metal Debug Connection field, click Browse… and select the USB Blaster II on localhost (or CV SoCKit on localhost for the SoCKit).
    Figure 4. Connection Tab
  6. Select the Debugger tab.
  7. In Run Control, select Connect Only.
  8. In Host working directory turn off Use default and change the path to ${workspace_loc:/DOC_CVSX} by clicking Workspace and selecting DOC_CVSX
  9. Click Apply to save the configuration, optionally specifying a name for the new configuration.
  10. Click Debug.
  11. Click Yes when the application asks you to switch to debug perspective.
  12. In the Command text field enter the command source debug.ds.
  13. Click Submit to load and run the preloader then load the application and run to main().
  14. Click Continue (green arrow) to run the application.
  15. Check that the terminal console display shows the correct FPGA and power board combination. For example:
    0: [DECODE SYSID] Decoding hardware platform from QSYS SYSID data : 0x00D112FE
0: [DECODE SYSID] Design Version : 15.0
0: [DECODE SYSID] FPGA Board : Cyclone V SX SoC Dev Kit
0: [DECODE SYSID] Power Board : FalconEye v2.0 HSMC Single-axis
0: [DECODE SYSID] Encoder Type : EnDat
0: [DECODE SYSID] 1 axes available
0: [DECODE SYSID] Axis 0 : Enabled
  16. When the application is running, right-click on Cortex-A9_0 and click Disconnect from Target.
  17. Apply power to the power board. The motor starts to turn.