Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Pro Edition: Reference Manual

ID 683349
Date 3/28/2022

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8.1.3. Debugging Your Use of the ac_int Data Type

The "HLS/ac_int.h" header file provides you with tools to help check ac_int operations and assignments for overflow in your component when you run an x86 emulation of your component: DEBUG_AC_INT_WARNING and DEBUG_AC_INT_ERROR.

When you use the DEBUG_AC_INT_WARNING and DEBUG_AC_INT_ERROR macros, you cannot declare constexpr ac_int variables or constexpr ac_int arrays.

Table 19.   Intel® HLS Compiler ac_int Debugging Tools Summary
Tool Description
DEBUG_AC_INT_WARNING Emits a warning for each detected overflow.

Emits a message for the first overflow that is detected and then exits the component with an error.

After you use these tools to determine that your component has overflows, run the gdb debugger on your component to run the program again and step through the program to see where the overflows happen.

Review the ac_int_overflow tutorial in <quartus_installdir>/hls/example/tutorials/ac_datatypes to learn more.