DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs Release Notes

ID 683322
Date 12/12/2022

1.2. DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs Advanced Blockset Revision History

Table 1.   Revision History
Version Date Description
22.4 2022.12.12 Added Matrix Multiply Engine Design Example.
22.3 2022.09.30
  • Improved performance:
    • DSP Builder now uses the FP DSP block for FP16 and Bfloat16, correctly-rounded, Add, Sub or AddSub on Intel Agilex devices
    • Provided access to DSP heavy and DSP light architectures for exponential and natural log in the DSP Builder blockset.
    • improved FP FFT logic usage for two lower-precision FP formats: FP16 and FP19.
  • Improved integration of DSP Builder designs with other IP in Platform Designer.
    • DSP Builder does not unroll but keeps together vectors of (optionally) complex signals as a single conduit entity.
    • You can also assign a custom role to the conduit. DSP Builder automatically assigns multiple conduits with unique names by prefixing the interface with the DSP Builder model name.
  • Improved the default configuration of the FFT blocks to minimize errors when changing the FFT parameters.
  • Provided option to reset the internal state of the FIR block during a warm reset.
  • Added a library that contains the Simulink blocks that DSP Builder designs support.
22.2 2022.03.30 Reduced internal iteration count in CORDIC block to reduce resource usage and increase accuracy.
22.1 2022.06.30
  • Added latency reporting to the GPIO block (similar to latency reporting on the Channel IO blocks).
  • Added a hybrid back-to-back VFFT block, which supports continuous streaming of data when the FFT size changes without having to flush the FFT pipeline.
  • Added support for Intel Cyclone 10 LP, Intel MAX 10, Cyclone IV E+GX in DSP Builder Advanced Pro. You must compile the generated RTL with Intel Quartus Std edition.
  • Extended the read-access control mechanism to SharedMems block
  • Improved DSP block packing by converting Add, Sub, and Mux to a dynamic AddSub block
21.4 2021.12.30 Added AXI4StreamReceiver and AXI4StreamTransmitter to the Streaming library
21.3 2021.09.30
  • Added DFT Library with DFT, ReorderBlock, and ReorderAndRescale blocks
  • Added support for Cyclone V devices
  • Added advisory read access (RA) controls to DSP Builder memory blocks
  • Added a simplified back-to-back FFT blockset
  • Added capability to install DSP Builder standalone without requiring a version-compatible Intel Quartus Prime installation
21.1 2021.06.30
  • Added Finite State Machine block and design example.
  • Added support for MATLAB version: R2020b
20.1 2020.04.13 Removed device selector in Device Parameters panel.
  2019.09.01 Added support for Intel Agilex® devices.
19.1 2019.04.01
  • Added support for two new floating-point types float16_m7 (bfloat) and float19_m10.
  • Added dependent latency feature.
  • Added FIFO buffer fill-level reporting.
18.1 2018.09.17
  • Added HDL import.
  • Added C++ software models.
18.0 2018.05.08
  • Added support for automatic reset minimization of DSP Builder designs. Reset minimization determines the minimal set of registers in a design that require reset, while retaining the design’s correct functionality. Reducing the number of registers that DSP Builder resets may give improved quality of results i.e. reduced area and increased Fmax.
  • Added support for bit fields to the SharedMem block. These fields provide analogous functionality to the existing bit field support in the RegField and RegOut blocks.
  • Added beta support for HDL import, which incorporates VHDL or Verilog HDL synthesizable designs into a DSP Builder design. You can then cosimulate the imported design with DSP Builder Simulink components. HDL import includes a minimal user interface, but requires some manual setup. To use this feature, you require a license for the MathWorks HDL Verifier tool.
17.1 2017.11.06
  • Added super-sample NCO design example.
  • Added support for Intel® Cyclone® 10 and Intel® Stratix® 10 devices.
  • Removed instances of Signals block.
  • Deleted WYSIWYG option on SynthesisInfo block.
17.0 2017.05.05
  • Rebranded as Intel
  • Deprecated Signals block
  • Added Gaussian and Random Number Generator design examples
  • Added variable-size supersampled FFT design example
  • Added HybridVFFT block
  • Added GeneralVTwiddle and GeneralMultVTwiddle blocks
16.1 2016.11.10
  • Added 4-channel 2-antenna DUC and DDC for LTE reference design
  • Added BFU_simple block
  • Created Standard and Pro editions. Pro supports Arria 10 devices; Standard supports all other families.
  • Deprecated the Signals block
  • Added functionality for setting the Avalon-MM interface settings in the DSP Builder menu
16.0 2016.05.02
  • Reorganized libraries
  • Improved folding results on MAX 10 devices
  • Added new design examples:
    • Gaussian Random Number Generator
    • DUC_4C4T4R and DDC_4C4T4R LTE digital-up and down-conversion
  • Added new FFT pruning strategy: prune_to_widths()
15.1 2015.11.11
  • Deprecated Run Quartus II and Run Modelsim blocks
  • Added clock crossing support
  • Added reconfigurable FIR filters
  • Improved bus interfaces:
    • Improved error checking and reporting
    • Improved simulation accuracy
    • Improved bus slave logic implementation
    • Improved clock crossing
  • Changed some Avalon-MM interfaces
  • Added new blocks:
    • Capture Values
    • Fanout
    • Pause
    • Vectorfanout
  • Added IIR: full-rate fixed-point and IIR: full-rate floating-point demos
  • Added transmit and receive modem reference design
15.0 May 2015
  • Added support for SystemVerilog output
  • Added external memories library
  • Added External Memory block
  • Added new Allow write on both ports parameter to DualMem block
  • Changed parameters on AvalonMMSlaveSettings block
14.1 December 2014
  • Added support for Arria 10 hard-floating-point blocks
  • Added BusStimulus and BusStimulusFileReader blocks to memory-mapped registers design example.
  • Added AvalonMMSlaveSettings block and DSP Builder > Avalon Interfaces > Avalon-MM slave menu option
  • Removed bus parameters from Control and Signal blocks
  • Removed the following design examples:
    • Color Space Converter (Resource Sharing Folding)
    • Interpolating FIR Filter with Updating Coefficients
    • Primitive FIR Filter (Resource Sharing Folding)
    • Single-Stage IIR Filter (Resource Sharing Folding)
    • Three-stage IIR Filter (Resource Sharing Folding)
  • Added system-in-the-loop support
  • Added new blocks:
    • Floating-point classifier
    • Floating-point multiply accumulate
    • Added hypotenuse function to math block
  • Added design examples:
    • Color space converter
    • Complex FIR
    • CORDIC from Primitive Blocks
    • Crest factor reduction
    • Folding FIR
    • Variable Integer Rate Decimation Filter
    • Vector sort - sequential and iterative
  • Added reference designs:
    • Crest factor reduction
    • Direct RF with Synthesizable Testbench
    • Dynamic Decimation Filter
    • Reconfigurable Decimation Filter
    • Variable Integer Rate Decimation Filter
  • Removed resource sharing folder
  • Updated ALU folder
14.0 June 2014
  • Added support for MAX 10 FPGAs.
  • Removed support for Cyclone III and Stratix III devices
  • Improved DSP Builder Run ModelSim option, which now allows you to run ModelSim for the top-level design or individual submodules
  • Changed the generation of HDL into the device level directory (under the specified target RTL directory) rather than in a hierarchy of directories
  • Added read signal on bus interface
  • Added clear port on the FIFO
  • Deprecated 13 FFT blocks
  • Added new design examples:
    • Avalon-ST Interface (Input and Output FIFO Buffer) with Backpressure
    • Avalon-ST Interface (Output FIFO Buffer) with Backpressure
    • Fixed-point maths functions
    • Fractional square root using CORDIC
    • Normalizer
    • Parallel FFT
    • Parallel Floating-Point FFT
    • Square root using CORDIC
    • Switchable FFT/iFFT
    • Variable-Size Fixed-Point FFT
    • Variable-Size Fixed-Point FFT without BitReverseCoreC Block
    • Variable-Size Fixed-Point iFFT
    • Variable-Size Fixed-Point iFFT without BitReverseCoreC Block
    • Variable-Size Floating-Point FFT
    • Variable-Size Floating-Point FFT without BitReverseCoreC Block
    • Variable-Size Floating-Point iFFT
    • Variable-Size Floating-Point iFFT without BitReverseCoreC Block
  • Added new blocks:
    • Anchored Delay
    • Enabled Delay Line
    • Enabled Feedback Delay
    • FFT2P, FFT4P, FFT8P, FFT16P, FFT32P, and FFT64P
    • FFT2X, FFT4X, FFT8X, FFT16X, FFT32X, and FFT64X
    • FFT2, FFT4, VFFT2, and VFFT4
    • General Multitwiddle and General Twiddle (GeneralMultiTwiddle, GeneralTwiddle)
    • Hybrid FFT (Hybrid_FFT)
    • Parallel Pipelined FFT (PFFT_Pipe)
    • Ready
13.1 November 2013
  • Removed support for the following devices:
    • Arria GX
    • Cyclone II
    • HardCopy II, HardCopy III, and HardCopy IV
    • Stratix, Stratix II, Stratix GX, and Stratix II GX
  • Improved ALU folding flow
  • Added new functions to Math block.
  • Added Simulink fi block option to Const, DualMem, and LUT blocks
  • Added new design examples:
    • Variable-precision real-time FFT
    • Interpolating FIR Filter with updating coefficients
    • Time-delay beamformer
  • Added new blocks:
    • Anchored Delay
    • Polynomial
    • TwiddleAngle
    • TwiddleROM and TwiddleROMF
    • VariableBitReverse
    • VFFT
13.0 May 2013
  • Updated device block with new Device Selector menu.
  • Added new ModelPrim blocks:
    • Const Mult
    • Divide
    • MinMax
    • Negate
    • Scalar Product
  • Added nine new FFT blocks
  • Added ten new FFT demonstrations
12.1 November 2012
  • Added ALU folding feature
  • Added enhanced precision floating-point options
  • Added the following new ModelPrim blocks:
    • AddSub
    • AddSubFused
    • CmpCtrl
    • Math
    • Maximum and Minimum
    • MinMaxCtrl
    • Round
    • Trig
  • Added the following new FFT blocks:
    • Edge Detect (EdgeDetect)
    • Pulse Divider (PulseDivider)
    • Pulse Multiplier (PulseMultiplier)
    • Bit-Reverse FFT with Natural Output (FFT_BR_Natural)
  • Added the following new FIR design examples:
    • Super-sample decimating FIR filter
    • Super-sample fractional FIR filter
  • Added the position, speed, and current control for AC motors (with ALU folding) design example

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